• Where can I find Backing Tracks?

    We have scoured the internets, under every rug and everywhere in between to bring you a comprehensive guide on where to find what you're looking for.

    The List
  • Can I make my own?

    Check out our page with a large list of DAWs and easy to use MP3 editors that will get you started in the direction of making the backing tracks YOU want.

  • I have some backing tracks, now what?

    This page is dedicated to videos on the hardware and gear the pros use and a library of how to's that will make every gig work seemlessly.


This IS the one stop shop for everything related to finding, building, editing and playing Backing Tracks!

Where do I start?

Not all backing Tracks are the same. What road are you wanting to take? The hardware and apps you use will determin all of that. Check out the video section for questions and answers.

Will I need lots of Equipment?

To the soloist, duo or full blown band, we talk about gear you need to keep your work area neat professional and tidy. no sense in having a ton of gear to do a small task. Check out the tools section for the perfect fit.

Multitasking Broken?

(Coming soon to the Knowledge section) You got enough to worry about like playing your instrumenet and queing your tracks but wait... I have to remember lyrics too? I'll show you apps that not only play your tracks but also scroll lyrics.

Separation Anxiety?

(Coming soon to the Knowledge section) I'll go in depth on how to seperate your click track from your backing track and send the audience only what they need to hear while you focus on your instrument!

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