The List

The List is where it all started. I created a list of resources on where to find, how to create, and what to use to play backing tracks. Now That list lives here!

Sites with Mp3 files

$-Inexpensive | $$- Moderately Priced | $$$- Expensive
Karaoke-Version is an online service offering customizable backing tracks for singers and musicians. Users can adjust instrument volumes, change keys, and modify tempos, making it ideal for personalized performances or practice. The platform features a wide selection of songs across various genres, providing high-quality audio through a user-friendly interface. Its paid model ensures a regularly updated library, catering to both amateur and professional users seeking to enhance their musical experience.

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Soundcloud is a versatile platform that serves a wide audience, including musicians and singers seeking backing tracks. It offers a diverse collection of audio content, ranging from original music to high-quality backing tracks. Users can explore, stream, and download a variety of backing tracks, making it a useful resource for practice, performances, and musical exploration. SoundCloud's community-driven approach allows for discovering unique and genre-spanning tracks, catering to both professional and amateur artists. The platform's ease of use and accessibility make it a popular choice for sourcing backing music.

Visit - $$ (Varies by artist/track)

Pond 5 is a comprehensive marketplace for creative assets, including a vast library of backing tracks suitable for various multimedia projects and performances. It offers a wide array of genres and styles, catering to filmmakers, content creators, and musicians. Users can easily search for and purchase high-quality, royalty-free backing tracks, enhancing their projects with professional audio. Pond5's platform facilitates seamless access to unique and diverse soundscapes, making it a go-to resource for those looking to enrich their creative endeavors with distinctive and compelling audio backgrounds.

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Steves trax

Steve's Trax Backing Tracks is a dedicated service providing a wide selection of high-quality backing tracks for singers and musicians. It caters to a variety of musical tastes and genres, offering professional tracks that closely mimic original songs. The website is designed for ease of use, allowing customers to find and purchase tracks that suit their performance needs. Steve's Trax is known for its focus on quality and customer service, making it a preferred choice for those seeking to enhance their live performances or practice sessions with authentic-sounding backing tracks.

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Backing Tracks Pro is a professional platform offering a wide range of high-quality, royalty-free backing tracks for musicians and performers. It specializes in providing tracks that are ideal for live performances, practice sessions, and recording purposes. The site features a diverse collection of genres to suit various musical styles and preferences, ensuring users can find the perfect accompaniment for their projects. With a focus on professional-grade audio and ease of access, serves as a valuable resource for artists looking to elevate their music with reliable and well-produced backing tracks.

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Guitarvoice (.mp3 & .wav) is an online resource that offers an extensive collection of free guitar backing tracks, catering to guitarists of all levels seeking to practice or perform. The platform features tracks across a broad range of genres and styles, allowing users to find the perfect accompaniment for their musical pieces. It's designed to enhance practice sessions, improve solo performances, and assist in mastering various guitar techniques. stands out for its user-friendly interface and the quality of its tracks, making it a go-to destination for guitarists looking to elevate their playing experience with authentic-sounding backing tracks.

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Guitar Tone Master (.mp3 & .wav) is an innovative online platform offering over 3,000 free guitar backing tracks, designed to cater to guitarists of all genres and skill levels. It provides an extensive collection of tracks inspired by various artists and bands, facilitating practice and improvement of guitar skills. The site encourages users to explore different styles and techniques, enhancing their musical versatility. With its user-friendly layout and a vast library of tracks, serves as an invaluable tool for guitarists aiming to refine their tone, timing, and overall playing proficiency in an engaging and effective manner.

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Guitarmaps is a specialized online resource that provides free guitar backing tracks, aiming to assist guitarists in improving their soloing and improvisation skills. The platform offers tracks in various styles and keys, making it suitable for players looking to practice different genres and techniques. Its straightforward interface allows for easy navigation and access to tracks, enabling musicians to focus on enhancing their musicality. is particularly valued for its emphasis on helping guitarists develop their creativity and expression, offering a practical tool to explore new scales and modes within diverse musical contexts.

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Ulimate-Guitar is a comprehensive platform that provides a rich collection of backing tracks, alongside its vast repository of guitar tabs and chords. Catering primarily to guitarists, the service allows for customization of instrument volumes within tracks, offering a tailored practice experience. It's a paid service that enhances learning and practice for musicians of all levels, enabling users to play along with tracks that simulate a full band environment. The site's extensive library covers various genres and artists, making it an indispensable tool for those looking to improve their playing skills or perform with high-quality backing tracks.

Visit - $$ (Subscription-based)

Superbackings offers a diverse selection of high-quality backing tracks across different genres, catering to musicians and performers seeking professional-grade accompaniments for their music. The platform stands out for its variety of tracks that mimic the sound of live bands, providing users with an immersive practice or performance experience. Designed with both amateur and professional musicians in mind, ensures easy access to tracks that can enhance live performances, studio recordings, or practice sessions. Its emphasis on quality and variety makes it a valuable resource for those looking to elevate their musical presentations with authentic and engaging backing tracks.

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Isolated-Tracks (.mp3 & .wav) is an online platform dedicated to providing musicians with a wide range of backing tracks in various music styles and for different instruments. The service focuses on offering tracks that allow for a deeper practice and performance experience by isolating specific instruments, enabling users to play along or fill in as needed. Catering to a diverse audience of musicians, from amateurs to professionals, enhances musical practice by offering a unique way to study and interact with individual parts of a song. Its comprehensive library and user-friendly interface make it a go-to resource for those seeking to refine their skills or add depth to their performances with high-quality isolated tracks.

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Gemtracks is a versatile online marketplace offering a wide array of backing tracks across numerous genres, suitable for songwriters, musicians, and producers looking to enrich their music compositions. The platform not only provides high-quality, professional tracks but also lists various backing track apps and tools for music production. stands out for its commitment to creativity and innovation, providing users with exclusive beats and compositions that are royalty-free, ensuring that customers can use them in their projects without any legal complications. Its user-friendly interface and extensive catalog make it an ideal destination for those seeking to discover unique musical pieces to complement their creative endeavors.

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Fiverr is a global online marketplace that connects musicians and creators with talented freelancers offering custom-made backing tracks and musical compositions. Catering to a wide range of musical needs and styles, Fiverr allows users to commission personalized backing tracks that perfectly match their project requirements. Whether for practice, performance, or production, customers can find professionals skilled in creating high-quality, original music across various genres. The platform's competitive pricing and direct communication with creators make it a popular choice for both amateur and professional musicians seeking to enhance their music with unique and professionally produced backing tracks.

Visit - $$ (Varies by freelancer)

This site provides a wide range of free MP3 backing tracks, from holiday classics to chart-topping hits by artists like Ed Sheeran, Eminem, and many more. The tracks vary in quality and size, offering something for everyone looking to practice or perform with backing tracks​

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This website provides instantly downloadable high-quality MP3 files recorded by real musicians. Catering to musicians, singers, and performers, Backing Tracks CC offers a range of tracks without backing vocals, with options for customization to meet specific needs​

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Amazon offers a broad selection of backing tracks available for purchase and download, catering to musicians and performers of all genres. The platform provides access to a vast collection of high-quality tracks, ranging from specific songs to generic styles, suitable for practice, performance, or recording purposes. Users can easily search and find backing tracks by artist, genre, or specific song, making Amazon a convenient one-stop-shop for music resources. Its user-friendly interface and the reliability of service ensure a seamless shopping experience, with the added benefit of customer reviews to guide purchasing decisions. Whether for professional use or personal enjoyment, Amazon's extensive catalog serves as a valuable resource for acquiring backing tracks.

Visit - $$ (Varies by track)

Pro Backing Tracks

High-quality professional backing tracks for various instruments and genres.

Visit Pro Backing Tracks - $$

Music Backing Tracks

Professional backing tracks for singers with a wide range of titles available for instant MP3 download.

Visit Music Backing Tracks - $$

Just Backing Tracks

Professional MP3 music backing tracks for singers, performers, auditions, and learning.

Visit Just Backing Tracks - $$

Isolated Tracks

Multitracks for musicians and sound-producers in different styles and for various instruments.

Visit Isolated Tracks - $$

Pro Band

A free app that offers original guitar backing tracks recorded by professional musicians in a studio environment.

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Martin Cilia

Australia's premier surf rock guitarist, offering backing tracks and tabs for his music.

Visit Martin Cilia - $$

Backtrackit App

Offers HQ jam tracks with chord progressions, key changes, tempo adjustments, and EQ settings.

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Over 3000 free backing tracks based on the styles of famous bands, artists, and songs.

Visit GuitarToneMaster - $

Sites with Midi Files

$-Inexpensive | $$- Moderately Priced | $$$- Expensive
Just Backing Tracks specializes in offering a wide range of MIDI file backing tracks, catering to musicians and producers seeking versatile and editable musical accompaniments. The platform provides tracks in various genres, allowing users to customize and integrate them into their projects seamlessly. Its focus on MIDI formats enables detailed editing of individual instrument tracks, offering creative flexibility for arrangement and composition. This makes an ideal resource for those looking to practice, perform, or produce music with high-quality, customizable backing tracks, enhancing the musical experience with precision and ease.

Visit - $$

Hittrax, known as Hit Trax, is a leading provider of professional MIDI files and backing tracks, serving musicians, singers, and entertainers worldwide. The platform offers an extensive catalog of MIDI tracks spanning various genres and eras, ideal for live performances, practice, and studio recordings. With Hit Trax, users can access high-quality, editable MIDI files that allow for personalized arrangements and instrumentation. The site emphasizes ease of use, with tracks available for instant download, enabling artists to enhance their music with detailed and dynamic backing tracks. stands out for its commitment to quality and variety, making it a go-to destination for those seeking reliable and versatile MIDI backing tracks.

Visit Hittrax -$$$

Midkar is a comprehensive online resource dedicated to MIDI and karaoke files, offering a wide selection of genres and styles to cater to various musical tastes. The website is designed for both enthusiasts and professionals seeking high-quality MIDI sequences for performance, practice, or production purposes. provides an extensive library of downloadable MIDI tracks, emphasizing the versatility and adaptability of MIDI for custom arrangements and compositions. Its user-friendly platform facilitates easy access to a diverse range of music, making it a valuable tool for musicians looking to explore new arrangements or enhance their projects with detailed and customizable backing tracks.

Visit - $

MIDI-Hits is an online destination offering a vast collection of MIDI and MP3 backing tracks across a wide spectrum of genres, including pop, rock, country, and more. Catering to musicians, singers, and producers, the site provides high-quality, professional-grade tracks perfect for practice, performances, or studio recordings. stands out for its extensive range of music, allowing users to find almost any song they need in MIDI format for maximum flexibility in editing and customization. The platform is praised for its easy navigation and the ability to cater to diverse musical needs, making it an excellent resource for those seeking to enhance their musical repertoire with accurately arranged backing tracks.

Visit -$$$ is an online platform specializing in high-quality backing tracks and karaoke versions of songs, offering a valuable tool for professional musicians and hobbyists alike. The site stands out for its ability to provide customizable tracks, where users can adjust the key and tempo to suit their needs, enhancing practice and performance experiences. While primarily focused on backing tracks, also caters to those seeking MIDI formats for further customization and production work. Its extensive library spans various genres, ensuring a broad selection for users to choose from. The platform's emphasis on quality and customization makes it a go-to resource for individuals looking to refine their musical skills or add professional backing to their performances.

Visit - $$

Wikiloops (midi & .wav) is an innovative online platform designed for musicians seeking a collaborative and creative space to discover and share backing tracks, including MIDI formats. It offers a unique community-driven approach where users can find, contribute, and customize a wide variety of tracks across different styles and instruments. The site enables musicians to work together remotely, creating and experimenting with new arrangements, and offering the flexibility to exclude specific instruments for a personalized practice or composition experience. stands out for its emphasis on collaboration and versatility, making it an ideal destination for those looking to explore musical ideas, enhance their skills, or find inspiration within a global community of like-minded individuals.

Visit Wikiloops - $

Bit Midi

BitMidi is a treasure trove for music enthusiasts and producers, offering a vast collection of free MIDI files across various genres. It's designed for easy exploration and downloading, providing a user-friendly interface where visitors can find MIDI files for their favorite songs, video game themes, and more. The website’s simplicity and wide range of MIDI files make it an excellent starting point for those new to working with MIDI.

Visit Bit Midi - $


MIDIWorld provides a comprehensive collection of MIDI files, neatly categorized by artist and genre, making it straightforward for users to locate specific tracks. This site spans classical to contemporary music, ensuring a broad spectrum of users can find the MIDI files they need for practice, production, or entertainment. It's a resourceful site for both musicians and casual users looking to delve into the world of MIDI music.

Visit Midiworld - $ is a popular platform offering a wide array of MIDI files for free, covering multiple genres and catering to a diverse audience. Whether you're in search of backing tracks for performance, arrangement inspiration, or simply to enjoy as MIDI music, this site has a rich library to explore. Its user-friendly layout and extensive selection make it a go-to for MIDI enthusiasts.

Visit - $


MIDI Files distinguishes itself by selling professionally arranged MIDI files, including a mix of current chart-toppers and timeless classics across various genres. This commercial site appeals to professional musicians and entertainers who require high-quality backing tracks for live performances or studio work. With its focus on quality and diversity, MIDI Files is an invaluable resource for serious musicians.

Visit Midifiles -$$$

Classical Midi files

Focused exclusively on classical music, Classical MIDI Files is a niche site that offers an impressive collection of MIDI arrangements from various classical composers. It's an essential resource for students, educators, and classical music enthusiasts looking for specific pieces. The site not only aids in practice and performance but also serves as an educational tool for those studying classical music.

Visit Calisscal Midi Files - $

VG Music

VGMusic caters to a niche but passionate audience of video game enthusiasts and musicians by providing an extensive archive of video game music MIDI files. From retro games to contemporary titles, the site covers a broad spectrum of gaming soundtracks, making it a unique resource for remixing, cover bands, or simply reliving the music of beloved video games.

Visit VG Music - $


Nonstop2k is a specialized site for electronic dance music producers and fans, offering MIDI files of popular EDM tracks. It's not only a source for MIDI files but also a community where users can share and discuss their musical creations. The site's focus on EDM MIDI files makes it a valuable tool for producers looking to deconstruct and remix tracks or create covers.

Visit Nonstop2k - $


Musescore stands out by offering a platform where musicians can not only find MIDI files but also share and collaborate on sheet music. With a wide range of genres and a strong community of musicians, Musescore facilitates musical creativity and learning. It's particularly useful for those looking to study arrangements or compose their own music using MIDI as a base.

Visit musescore - $


MIDI DB is a streamlined database of MIDI files, offering an easy-to-navigate interface where users can quickly find MIDI versions of songs across a wide variety of genres. The site is regularly updated, ensuring a constant influx of new MIDI files to meet the diverse needs of its users, from hobbyists to professional musicians.

Visit mididb - $

Looperman (.wav) offers free backing loops, samples, sounds, and beats available for download in WAV format. This platform is excellent for producers and musicians looking to incorporate unique sounds and loops into their projects. The site features a wide range of genres and provides a platform for creators to share their loops and samples with the community​

Visit Looperman - $

Song Galaxy

Song Galaxy is a website that offers a wide selection of MIDI files for download, covering various genres and artists. The files are covers and not by the original artists, and users can listen to previews before purchasing.

Visit Song Galaxy - $$

Vanbasco Midi Search

Looking for a particular MIDI/Karaoke song? Use this search engine to find it on the net!

Visit Vanbasco Midi Search - Free


Younique Music Group's website offers a wide range of MIDI files and MP3 backing tracks for professional and amateur musicians. The site provides a catalog of digital music arrangements, including general information, pricing, and a webshop for direct downloads.

Visit TMF Online - $$

Song Service

New Song Service offers professional backing tracks, MIDI files, and karaoke tracks for musicians and performers. The website features a wide range of genres and styles, providing high-quality audio tracks for various musical needs.

Visit Song Service - $$


Midiarte is a Portuguese website offering a wide range of MIDI files and rhythms for keyboards, catering to various musical genres and styles. The site also provides MP3 backing tracks and styles for music keyboards, available for purchase and download.

Visit Midiarte - $$


GEERDES media is a website offering a large selection of MIDI files and MP3 playbacks, with a focus on professional quality tracks for singers, instrumentalists, and producers. The site also provides custom production services and a range of backing tracks, with an extensive archive of over 35,000 MIDI files and 13,000 playbacks.

Visit Geerdes - $$$

Supreme Midi

Supreme MIDI is a website that creates professional multi-track MIDI files and backing tracks. The site adds over 136 exclusive and new professional MIDI files to its library each week, offering subscribers instant access to over 28,517 files.

Visit Supreme-Network - $$$

I'm not perfect

Even my research is flawed sometimes. If there is a site that you dont see here that needs to be added shoot me an email or reach out to me in the facebook group and I'll be happy to discuss and add it.