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Here's how I make backing tracks using Logic Pro X, Toontrack EZDrummer and EZKeys, and IK Multimedia Modo Bass.
Moises.ai is easy to use and allows its users to be empowered with unlimited creative potential.
Here’s 60 Cool Products/Pieces of Gear I saw at NAM 2024! Lots of good Backing Tracks Gear.
A tutorial video for Stage Traxx 3 explaining the basic usage of the app and of its features.
This video is all about setting up Ableton Live to work with Karaoke-Version backing tracks for your band!
These are the simple steps to take to record your favorite " usable " backing track into AUDACITY.
Part 1 of two videos about setting up a simple backing track rig on MainStage! Part 2 is where it gets super exciting.
In this video, I dive into the revolutionary Jamzone app, an incredible tool for guitar players of all levels.
3 ways to run Backing Tracks (from easy to professional) using multi tracker on an ipad full routing.
A complete step-by-step guide for creating and running backing tracks for your live performances.
In this video, I'll show you how I make backing tracks for guitarists using studio one from presonus.
Joey shows you how to deliver show-ready backing tracks for live productions. What mix elements do you use?
In this video, we are going over the 2 techniques that I use to balance and level your backing tracks in logix.
B.Beat reads and plays any backing track with synchronized video. It has a micromixer for managing Clicks and audio.
We are new in the world of IEM. At our shows, we get a lot of questions about our IEM/backing track rig so here it is.
Band-in-a-Box is easy! Just type in the chords for any song using standard chord symbols, then choose your style.
Common misconceptions + your guide to choosing the best interface for running tracks live on stage.
Tod goes through his process of using backing tracks for solo work. From downloading them, to customizing them.
Extract any specific component using this revolutionary stem splitting AI program that's changing the game!
Hey everyone! I just thought I would share this super simple backing track set up I use while playing drums for my band.
We go over the most common ways to run backing tracks live, how to set them up, and the pros & cons of each.
How do I create my backing tracks for YouTube and Instagram covers? Here's a tutorial video on how I do it using Moises.
How to run backing tracks from a phone, tablet, MP3 player, pretty much anything that can handle playing music!
The Idoru P-1 is a simple, compact, and tough multi-channel audio and midi backing track player. Designed for live musicians.
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